Blue Mountains home of Dermatonics

Our Dermatonics Story

Our Story

Dermatonics® is our original and unique professional skincare range originating from the Blue Mountains in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. Formulated in-house by wife and husband team (Dr Donna Lee Marçal and Dr Helder Marçal) with years of scientific knowledge and research behind Dermatonics®, we are driven to formulate and bring you high quality and highly effective Australian-made skincare products with a true difference.

Our products are all created to be both gentle on the skin and effective in assisting with your skin concerns. Our product range respects the skin barrier and skin microbiome and helps manage underlying inflammatory concerns (at the centre of so many skin concerns) using our Nutridermaceutical Technology® to help drive our actives into the skin, hydrate the skin and help build and manage the skin barrier. 

We created Dermatonics® so that we could bring our scientific knowledge and expertise in inflammation, immunity, wound healing and tissue regeneration to you in beautiful and effective skincare products that truly have a purpose.

We are so excited to be working with amazing skin specialists across Australia, and to help make a different to the lives of so many people, helping them achieve their skin goals. 

Our Nutridermaceutical® Difference

We specifically develop each of our products with ultra-pure natural bioactive ingredients and key targeted active ingredients to have a purpose, deliver true functional benefits and client value.

Our Nutridermaceutical Technology® Encompases:

  • our methods of formulation
  • our dedication to using ultra-pure natural extracts
  • our use of high quality targeted active molecules
  • our unique trade secret strategies for active molecule delivery

Our formulas are so innovative in the way that they are formulated, we have developed a world first Nutridermaceuticals® to describe their formulation and mechanism of delivery. Each of our skincare products and professional treatments are carefully formulated using our in-house Nutridermaceutical Technology®  and trade secret Responsive ExtraCellular matrix Enchancement Technology (RECET) that encompasses our methods of formulation which drives the ability of each product to absorb very well into the skin and deliver our ultra-pure actives. 

We are passionate about using multiple natural extracts in each product that are prepared using Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) Technology (often referred to as CO2 extraction), as well as key active ingredients necessary for addressing key skin concerns (such as salicylic acid, niacinamide, azelaic acid, hyaluronic acid and more) to ensure the highest quality, consumer confidence, safety for your clients and efficacy of each product.

These advanced scientific methods guarantee our certificate of authenticity and teh molecular level, well beyond 'organic'. Our advanced formulation and purification strategies enable safer formulations and superior clinical grade skin products that are based on natural extracts. 

We follow the World Health Organization (WHO) and EU guidelines, methods and preparations which well exceed the standards sets here in Australia.

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