Dr Donna Lee Marçal was invited to give 2 lectures at the Melbourne 2019 Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network Conference.

In her first seminar, she discussed Skincare Formulations and Advances in Biotechnology.

In her second seminar, she discussed Understanding New and Trending Natural Ingredients.

Dr Donna Marçal is frequently writing education articles for APAN Journal and lecturing at their conferences, so stay tuned to the APAN website for more details.

Dr Donna Lee Marçal sits down with Glenn Silburn from Professional Beauty Magazine and other industry suppliers and clinic owners to discuss all things The Inspired Salon.

Find out more here: Industry Roundtable 10: Australian Made Beauty

Dermatonics co-founder, Dr Donna Lee Marçal, sat down with Professional Beauty Magazine's Glenn Silburn and other industry manufacturers and clinic owners to discuss all things Australian Made Beauty.

Watch the videos here:

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