Dr Donna Marçal chats with Professional Beauty Magazine Editor Anita Quade to share all about the passion behind her brand Dermatonics, her transition from academic research to launching her brand and the science behind her skincare brand.

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Professional Beauty Magazine Jan Feb 2023 Cover Story Final

Dr Donna Marçal was invited to write an article feature for the Aesthetics Practitioners Journal discussing Traditional and Modern Delivery Systems in Skincare. This article discusses methods from traditional liposome delivery to some amazing new nanodelivery and biomimetic systems.

Check out the Spring 2019 APJ Issue on Page 28

Dr Donna Marçal was invited to write an article feature for the Aesthetics Practitioners Journal discussing the amazing properties of Turmeric. With a specific focus on our unique Curcuma xanthorrhiza and the properties this family of ingredients affords in skin care, this is a great read about the benefits of Turmeric.


Dr Donna Marcal, a co-founder of Dermatonics, was interviewed by Femail of the Daily Mail. The discussion was about ingredients in skincare that may be causing more harm than good to our skin. She highlighted that we must be moderate with our skincare routines as both excessive treatment to our skin, and lacking any care to our skin can lead to skin conditions including acne and trigger eczema.

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The website OverSixty (focusing on keeping over sixty’s in the know) featured our story that was published online with the Daily Mail. Their focus was on how your skincare routine may actually be aging us more than helping us. This was another point that Dr Marcal had raised in the interview with the Daily Mail.

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Spa + Clinic is a beauty industry publication, brings business owners the latest in the news and cutting-edge technology and products. Spa + Clinic interviewed Dr Donna Marcal about being cautious about their skincare routines and how they could possibly be aging their skin even more and contributing to skin breakouts.

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